I.am. ღ sαsнα ღ
Enter the world of a 25 year old Vogue reader, cupcake eater, Gossip Girl watcher and Chanel admirer who’s currently obsessed in stilettos and high heeled shoes. This fashionista spends more time checking blogs than Facebook and Twitter. I love Pink, Pink looks good with anything. Hula-hoop addict, sophisticated, chic, statement bags, shoes. Sugar is my enemy but sweetness is my weakness, pescetarian, fruitarian & happily vegetarian. So if Audrey Hepburn inspires you and you’ve watch The Devil Wears Prada or Confessions of a Shopaholic more than you keep track, then you will surely enjoy this blog..

I own nothing except my personal work. If I have something of yours posted and you want to have it removed or credits added, please let me know. Most of my photos are re-blog and from we♥it.

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Pink Skull Crossbones